How Do Votes Work? Learn MyStarKid's Voting System.

Your child can earn votes in 2 places:

  • On his/her public profile page
  • There is a link from your home page that says "Visit Public Profile"
  • Through the photo contest galleries (You can find your child by checking his Gallery Rank).

What will votes do for my kid?

  • Votes Give +1 StarPower
  • How many votes can may kid gain in 1 day? We currently have a cap of 50 votes per-day.
  • How many times can I vote a day? If you're a MyStarKid member, you get to use 10 votes per-day.

How do I know who voted for me?

  • Easy, it's right on your member home page, just scroll down and you'll see it.
  • The names of people who boted will appear after they place their vote.

It says I need 100 StarPower before I can vote, Why?

  • It prevents voter fraud! It's simple to gain +100 StarPower, just get the social butterfly badge by sharing your profile here:
  • We want to protect our members from cheaters creating multiple account to vote.

How about non-MyStarKid members trying to place votes?

  • We limit non-members to 3 votes per-day for any 1 child.
  • Non-members also have a 3 votes per-hour maximum.
  • Non-members must provide their name & email address before placing a vote.

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